Fishing crayfish close to town

 ETC Stockholm – 20150911

Gothenburg’s marine police in Lake Vättern

 Värnamo Nyheter – 20150910

Red light for noble crayfish – 20150831

There’s still hope for the noble crayfish – 20150829

Try to save the noble crayfish

SVT Västernorrland – 20150825

The ministers fell in love with Harpsund

 Expressen – 20150822

Reports of ring worm in crayfish

SVT – 20150822

Drunkenness on the lake at the crayfish premiere – 20150821

The police check rowdies on the lake – 20150815

Determining the gender of a crayfish

 SR P4 Västernorrland – 20150814

Here’s how the endangered noble crayfish is saved

 TV4 – 20150813

Råneå charges up for crayfish premiere

SR P4 Norrbotten – 20150813

Long-awaited day for crayfishing enthusiasts

 NSD – 20150813

Good catch for crayfish fishers

 Norrbottenskuriren – 20150813

Cooking crayfish ended in a fire – 20150812

The noble crayfish’s differences can be its salvation

 SR Vetenskapsradion – 20150810

A crayfish party in the studio!

 SR Morgonpasset i P3 – 20150810

Crayfish fishing used to be better… – 20150807

Late crayfish premier this summer

 Sveriges Radio – 20150807

No crayfish fishing in the town center this year

Härryda-Posten – 20150805

The time has come for crayfish

 SR P4 Östergötland – 20150805

Animal Rights Sweden: Eat artichokes at the crayfish party

 SR P5 Stockholm – 20150805

Cold summer delays the crayfish catch

 SLU/SVT – 20150804

He feeds the crayfish with porridge

SR P4 Kronoberg – 20150804

Crayfish fishing is not granted

SR P4 Malmöhus – 20150802

The Swedish Species Information Centre Red List


Fishing Crayfish in Värmland (1923)

Marbled crayfish – is the newcomer a new threat to the noble crayfish?

SR Naturmorgon – 20130218

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